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The World Data System (WDS) is an Affiliated Body of the International Science Council (ISC)

The mission of the World Data System is to enhance the capabilities, impact and sustainability of our member data repositories and data services by:

creating trusted communities of scientific data repositories

strengthening the scientific enterprise throughout the entire lifecycle of data and all related components creating first-class data that feeds first-class research output

advocating for accessible data and transparent and reproducible science.


WDS Joint Statement on Research Data Endorsement Announcement

World Data System (WDS) is pleased to announce the signing of the Joint Statement on Research Data (joint statement) from the International Association of Scientific, Technical & Medical Publishers (STM), DataCite, and Crossref on making research data easier to...

Member Highlight: International Laser Ranging Service

The International Laser Ranging Service (ILRS) provides global satellite and lunar laser ranging data and their related products to support geodetic and geophysical research activities. The aim of these activities is primarily focused on geodetic and geophysical...

Member Highlight: Center for Socio-Political Data

  The Center for Socio-Political Data (CDSP) is one of France’s major centers for the production and handling of social science data. It is a key player in the documentation, preservation and production of data. It is also a center of expertise on quantitative...

WDS DORA Endorsement Announcement

WDS ENDORSES DORA DECLARATION ON RESEARCH ASSESSMENT World Data System, 2 May 2024 - Word Data System (WDS) announces that our Scientific Committee has approved the endorsement of the Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA), an initiative designed to improve the...

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WDS represents a worldwide community of excellence for scientific data that ensures the long-term stewardship and provision of quality-assured data and data services to the international science community.

International Laser Ranging Service

Center for Socio-Political Data


Department of Energy Office of Science
University of VIctoria
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