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Member NameAcronymMember TypeHost InstitutionCountryScientific Fields
Académie des SciencesAssociateFranceNational Scientific Academy
Alaska Satellite FacilityASFRegularNASAUnited StatesEarth Sciences, Geography, Cryosphere, Polar Processes, Solid Earth, Magnetosphere, Alaska Geography
Arab Council for the Social SciencesACSSAssociateLebanonCultural and Ethnic Studies, Economics, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, History, Languages and Linguistics, Anthropology, Archaeology
Archaeology Data ServiceADSRegularUniversity of YorkUnited KingdomEnvironmental Studies, Forestry, Anthropology, Archaeology
Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Data Center ARM Data CenterRegularOak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)United StatesEarth Sciences, Atmospheric Science, Climate Science
Atmospheric Science Data CenterASDCRegularNASAUnited StatesEarth Sciences, Atmospheric Science, Clouds, Aerosols, Tropospheric Chemistry
Australian Antarctic Data CentreAADCRegularAustralian GovernmentAustraliaSpace Sciences, Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Environmental Studies and Forestry
Australian Data ArchiveADARegularAustralian National UniversityAustraliaCultural and Ethnic Studies, Economics, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Business, Family and Consumer Science, Health Sciences, Transportation, History, Area Studies, Social Science
Australian Ocean Data NetworkAODNRegularUniversity of TasmaniaAustralia
Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management OfficeBCO-DMORegularWoods Hole Oceanographic Institution United StatesEarth Science, Oceanography, Physical Oceanography, Chemical Oceanography, Biological Oceanography, Geological Oceanography, Ocean Biogeochemistry, Atmospheric Sciences
Byurakan Astrophysical ObservatoryBAOAssociateRepublic of ArmeniaArmeniaAstronomy, Space Sciences, Physics, Computer Sciences
California Digital LibraryCDLRegularUniversity of CaliforniaUnited StatesCross-disciplinary
Cambridge Crystallographic Data CentreCCDCRegularCambridge Crystallographic Data CentreUnited KingdomChemistry, Crystallography
Canadian Astronomy Data Centre/Canadian Virtual ObservatoryCADCRegularCanadaAstronomy and Astrophysics, Space Sciences
Canadian Cryospheric Information Network/Polar Data CatalogueCCIN RegularUniversity of WaterlooCanadaEarth Sciences, Clinical and Life Sciences, Chemistry, Social Psychology, Economics, Geography, Sociology, Environmental Science, Transportation, History, Anthropology, Archaeology, Oceanography, Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science
Center for Socio-Political Data/Centre de données socio-politiquesCSDPRegularSciences PoFranceSocial Sciences, Sociology, Political Science
Centre de Données Astronomiques de StrasbourgCDSRegularUniversity of Strasbourg; National Center for Scientific ResearchFranceAstronomy, Space Sciences
Centre for Astronomical Data of the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of SciencesINASANRegularInstitute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of SciencesRussian Federation
Chilean Virtual ObservatoryChiVOAssociateUniversidad Técnica Federico Santa María ChileAstronomy, Computer Sciences, Astroinformatics
China National GeneBank DataBaseCNGBdbRegularChina National GeneBankChinaBioinformatics
Chinese National Space Science Data CenterNSSDCRegularChinese Academy of SciencesChina
Cold and Arid Regions Science Data Center at LanzhouCARDRegularCold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute, Chinese Academy of SciencesChinaEarth Sciences, Geography
Committee on Electronic Information and CommunicationCEICAssociateInternational Mathematical UnionGermanyMathematics, International Scientific Committee
Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure - European Research Infrastructure ConsortiumCLARIN ERICNetworkNetherlandsCultural and Ethnic Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Statistics, History, Language and Linguistics
Crustal Dynamics Data Information SystemCDDISRegularNASA United StatesSpace Sciences, Earth Sciences, Physics, Geodesy, Space Geodesy
Data Archiving and Networked ServicesDANSRegularRoyal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences; Dutch Research CouncilNetherlandsLife Sciences, Economics, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Health Sciences, History, Languages and Linguistics, Anthropology, Archaeology, Behavioural Sciences, Socio-Cultural Sciences, Geospatial Sciences, Communication Sciences, Demography
Data Centre for Geography, MoscowRegularLomonosov Moscow State UniversityRussian Federation
DataCiteAssociateGerman National Library of Science and TechnologyGermanyData Access, Citation, and Archiving
DataFirstRegularUniversity of Cape TownSouth AfricaCultural and Ethnic Studies, Economics, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Agriculture, Environmental Studies and Forestry, Family and Consumer Science, Health Sciences, Transportation, Area Studies
Datta Meghe Institute Of Medical SciencesDMIMSAssociateDeemed UniversityIndiaPublic Trust
Digital Repository of IrelandDRIRegularRoyal Irish AcademyIreland
Division of History of Science and TechnologyDHSTAssociateInternational Union of History and Philosophy of ScienceGreeceDivision Of International Scientific Union
Earth Resources Observation and Science CenterEROSRegularUS Geological SurveyUnited StatesEarth Sciences, Geography, Systems Science, Environmental Studies and Forestry, Remote Sensing, Land Change Science, Land Change Monitoring, Assessment, and Prediction
ElsevierAssociateNetherlandsScience Publishers
Environmental Information Data CentreEIDCRegularUK Centre for Ecology & HydrologyUnited KingdomEarth Sciences, Life Sciences, Environmental Studies and Forestry
Federation of Earth Science Information PartnersESIPPartnerFoundation for Earth ScienceUnited StatesNetwork Data Community
Fish Database of TaiwanRegularBiodiversity Research Center, Academia SinicaTaiwan (ROC)
Flanders Marine Institute, Data CentreRegularVLIZBelgium
Geoscientific Data & Discovery Publishing SystemGDDRegularNational Geological Archives of ChinaChinaEarth Sciences, Engineering, Geological Data Sciences
Global Biodiversity Information FacilityGBIFRegularGBIF SecretariatDenmark
Global Change Research Data Publishing and RepositoryGCdataPRRegularInstitute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of SciencesChina
Global Geodetic Observing SystemGGOSPartnerGerman Federal Agnecy for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG)GermanySpace Sciences,
Earth Sciences,
Global Hydrology Resource CenterGHRCRegularNASA United StatesEarth Sciences, Computer Sciences, Systems Science, Environmental Studies and Forestry, Hydrologic Cycle, Lightning, Severe Weather
GO FAIR USGO FAIR USAssociateSan Diego Super ComputerUnited StatesFair, Multidisciplinary
Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services CenterGES DISCRegularNASAUnited StatesEarth Sciences, Physics, Geography, Computer Sciences, Agriculture, Engineering, Atmospheric Science, Precipitation, Hydrology, Global Modelling, Information Science, Systems Engineering
ImmPort RepositoryRegularUS Health & Human ServicesUnited StatesLife Sciences
Incorporated Research Institutions for SeismologyIRISRegularNational Science FoundationUnited States
Interdisciplinary Earth Data AllianceIEDARegularLamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia UniversityUnited StatesEarth Sciences, Geochemistry
International Real-time Magnetic Observatory NetworkINTERMAGNET NetworkVariousUnited KingdomSpace Sciences, Earth Sciences
International Association of Hydrological SciencesIAHSAssociateInternational Union of Geodesy and GeophysicsFranceEarth Sciences, International Scientific Association
International Association of Scientific, Technical & Medical PublishersSTMAssociateNetherlandsScience Publishers
International Commission for AcousticsICAAssociateSpainInternational Scientific Committee
International Council for Scientific and Technical InformationICSTIAssociateICSTIFranceScientific and Technical Information
International DORIS ServiceIDSNetworkInternational Association of GeodesyFranceEarth Sciences, Space Sciences, Geodesy, Geophysics
International Earth Rotation and Reference SystemsIERSRegularFederal Agency for Cartography and GeodesyGermany
International Environmental Data Rescue OrganizationIEDROAssociateUnited StatesData Rescue
International GNSS ServiceIGSNetworkNASAUnited StatesSpace Sciences, Earth Sciences, Geodesy, Gps, Gnss, Precise Positioning, Navigation, and Timing
International Laser Ranging ServiceILRSNetworkNASAUnited StatesSpace Sciences, Earth Sciences, Physics, Geodesy, Space Geodesy
International Oceanographic Data and Information ExchangeIODENetworkIntergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCOBelgiumEarth Sciences, Oceanography
International Service of Geomagnetic IndicesISGIRegularSchool & Observatory of Earth Sciences (EOST) University of StrasbourgFrance
International Space Environment ServiceISESNetworkUnited StatesEarth Sciences, Space Sciences, Space Weather, Solar-Terrestrial Physics
International Union of Geodesy and GeophysicsIUGGPartnerGermanyInternational Scientific Union
International Union of Geological SciencesIUGSAssociateGermanyInternational Scientific Union
International Virtual Observatory AllianceIVOANetworkIVOACanadaAstronomy
International VLBI Service for Geodesy and AstrometryIVSNetworkNASAUnited States
Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social ResearchICPSRRegularUniversity of MichiganUnited StatesEconomics, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Statistics, Family and Consumer Science, Health Sciences, History,Aging, Criminal Justice, Demography, Education, Law, Substance Abuse
ISC Committee on Data for Science and TechnologyCODATAAssociateFranceInternational Interdisciplinary Body
Italian Centre for Astronomical ArchiveIA2RegularINAFItalyAstronomy, Space Sciences
John Wiley & Sons LtdWileyAssociateUnited KingdomScience Publishers
Korea Institute of Science and Technology InformationKISTIRegularKoreaNational Research Institute
Land Processes Distributed Active Archive CenterLP DAACRegularUSGSUnited StatesEarth Sciences, Geography, Agriculture, Environmental Studies and Forestry, Land Cover, Land Change, Land Processes
Level-1 and Atmosphere Archive & Distribution System Distributed Active Archive CenterLAADS DAACRegularNASAUnited StatesEarth Sciences
Mountain Research InitiativeMRIPartnerUniversity of BernSwitzerlandEarth Sciences, Life Sciences, Cultural and Ethnic Studies, Geography, Political Science, Systems Science, Agriculture, Environmental Studies and Forestry, History, Anthropology, Archaeology
NASA's Earth Science Data and Information SystemNASA ESDISNetworkNASAUnited StatesEarth Sciences, Physics, Geography, Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Systems Science, Engineering, Environmental Studies and Forestry
National Astronomical Data CenterNADCRegularChinese Academy of SciencesChina
National Center for Atmospheric ResearchNCARRegularUniversity Corporation for Atmospheric ResearchUnited StatesEarth Sciences, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
National Centers for Environmental InformationNCEIRegularNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) United States
National Geoscience Data CentreNGDCRegularBritish Geological SurveyUnited Kingdom
National Marine Data CenterNMDCRegularNational Marine Data and Information ServiceChina
National Snow and Ice Data Center Distributed Active Archive CenterNSIDC DAACRegularNASA United States
Neotoma Paleoecological DatabaseNeotomaRegularUnited States
Norwegian Marine Data CentreNMDRegularInstitute of Marine ResearchNorway
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Distributed Active Archive CenterORNL DAACRegularNASA United States
Ocean Biology Data Active Archive CenterOB.DAACRegularNASA United States
Ocean Networks CanadaONCRegularUniversity of VictoriaCanadaEarth Sciences, Computer Sciences, Ocean Sciences, Geophysics, Ocean Physics, Marine Biology, Biochemistry, Marine Engineering
Odum Institute Data ArchiveRegularThe Odum Institute for Research in Social Science at The University of North Carolina at Chapel HillUnited StatesEconomics, Political Science, Sociology, Social Sciences
Open Researcher and Contributor IDORCiDPartnerORCID, IncUnited StatesRegistry Of Persistent Identifiers
OpenAIREOpenAIREPartnerGreeceScientific Research and Data Open Access Initiative
Pacific and Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered CulturesPARADISECRegularUniversity of Sydney; University of Melbourne; Australian National UniversityAustraliaCultural and Ethnic Studies, Languages and Linguistics, Anthropology, Musicology
PANGAEA - Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental SciencePANGAEARegularCenter for Marine Environmental Sciences, University of Bremen; and Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine ResearchGermanyEarth Sciences, Life Sciences, Geography, Sociology, Environmental Studies and Forestry
Past Global ChangesPAGESPartnerSwitzerlandEarth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Natural and Human Sciences
Permanent Service for Mean Sea LevelPSMSLRegularNOC/NERCUnited KingdomEarth Sciences, Physics, Sea Level, Climate Change, Oceanography, Geodesy
Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Archive CenterPO.DAACRegularNASAUnited StatesEarth Sciences, Oceanography
Research Council of ZimbabweRCZAssociateZimbabweNational Scientific Society
Research Data AllianceRDAAssociateEuropean Commission, the National Science Foundation and other U.S. agencies, and the Australian GovernmentUnited StatesInternational Data Sharing Initiative
Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere, Kyoto UniversityRISHRegularKyoto UniversityJapanAstronomy, Space Sciences, Earth Sciences, Engineering
Royal Society Te ApārangiAssociateNew ZealandNational Scientific Society
Scientific Committee On Solar Terrestrial PhysicsSCOSTEPPartnerCentre for Research in Earth and Space ScienceCanadaSpace Sciences, Earth Sciences
Socioeconomic Data and Applications CenterSEDACRegularNASAUnited States
Southern Ocean Observing SystemSOOSPartnerInstitute for Marine and Antactic Studies; University of TasmaniaAustraliaEarth Sciences, Life Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Statistics, Systems Science, Environmental Studies and Forestry
Survey Research Data ArchiveSRDARegularCenter for Survey Research, Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences, Academia SinicaTaiwan (ROC)
Swedish National Data ServiceSNDRegularUniversity of GothenburgSweden
The Language ArchiveTLARegularMax Planck Institute for PsycholinguisticsNetherlandsCultural and Ethnic Studies, Psychology, Languages and Linguistics, Anthropology
Ukrainian Geospatial Data CenterRegularSpace Research Institute of UkraineUkraineEarth Sciences, Computer Sciences, Mathematics
UNAVCO, Inc.RegularNational Science FoundationUnited StatesEarth Sciences, Geodesy
University of Tennessee Oak Ridge Innovation InstituteUT-ORIIPartnerUniversity of Tennessee; Oak Ridge National LaboratoryUnited States
WDC - National Snow and Ice Data CenterNSIDCRegularNational Snow and Ice Data Center, University of ColoradoUnited StatesEarth Sciences, Geography, Cryosphere
World Data Center for Renewable Resources and EnvironmentWDC-RRERegularInstitute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of SciencesChinaEarth Sciences, Geography, Environmental Studies and Forestry, Area Studies, Natural Resources, Ecology, Geoinformatics
World Data Center for Solar-Terrestrial Physics, MoscowWDC for STPRegularGeophysical Center of the Russian Academy of SciencesRussian FederationSpace Sciences, Earth Sciences, Geomagnetic Variations, Ionospheric Phenomena, Cosmic Rays, Solar Activity and Interplanetary Medium
World Data Center for Sunspot Index and Long-term Solar ObservationsSILSORegularRoyal Observatory of BelgiumBelgiumAstronomy, Space Sciences, Statistics, History, Solar Physics, Solar Activity (Mid- and Long-Term), Sun-Earth Relations and Climate
World Data Center for Geophysics, BeijingWDC - Geophysics, BeijingRegularInstitute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of SciencesChinaSpace Sciences, Earth Sciences
World Data Center for Solid Earth Physics, MoscowWDC for SEPRegularGeophysical Center of the Russian Academy of SciencesRussian FederationEarth Sciences, Seismology, Geomagnetism (Main Magnetic Field), Archeo- and Paleo-Magnetism, Gravimetry, Geothermics, Recent Movements, Marine Geology and Geophysics
WFCC - MIRCEN World Data Centre for MicroorganismsWDCMRegularChinaLife Sciences, Microbiology
World Data Center for ClimateWDCCRegularGerman Climate Computing Center Germany
World Data Center for Geoinformatics and Sustainable DevelopmentWDC-UkraineRegularNational Technical University of UkraineUkraine
World Data Center for Geomagnetism, CopenhagenRegularNational Space InstituteDenmark
World Data Center for Geomagnetism, EdinburghWDC for Geomagnetism, EdinburghRegularBritish Geological SurveyUnited Kingdom
World Data Center for Geomagnetism, KyotoWDC for Geomagnetism, KyotoRegularKyoto UniversityJapan
World Data Center for Ionosphere and Space WeatherWDC - ISWRegularNational Institute of Information and Communications Technology Japan
WDC for MeteorologyRegularNOAA National Centers for Environmental Information United States
World Data Center for Meteorology, ObninskWDC - Meteorology, ObninskRegularAll-Russian Research Institute of Hydrometeorological InformationRussian Federation
World Data Center for Oceanography, ObninskWDC - Oceanography, ObninskRegularAll-Russian Research Institute of Hydrometeorological InformationRussian Federation
World Data Center for Remote Sensing of the AtmosphereWDC-RSATRegularGerman Aerospace Center (DLR) Germany
World Data Center for Solar Activity/BASS2000WDC-Solar ActivityRegularObservatoire de Paris - PSLFrance
WDC - Australian Space Weather Forecasting CentreASWFCRegularAustralian Government Bureau of MeteorologyAustraliaSpace Sciences, Ionosphere, Solar Observations, Geomagnetism, Solar–Terrestrial Physics, Space Weather
World Data Centre for SoilsWDC-SoilsRegularISRIC World Soil InformationNetherlands
WDS for GeophysicsRegularNOAA National Centers for Environmental Information United StatesEarth Sciences, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Geology, Natural Resources
World Data Service for OceanographyWDS for OceanographyRegularNOAA National Centers for Environmental Information United StatesLife Sciences, Oceanography
World Data Service for PaleoclimatologyWDS for PaleoclimatologyRegularNOAA National Centers for Environmental Information United StatesEarth Sciences, Paleoclimatology, Paleoecology, Global Change
World Glacier Monitoring ServiceWGMSRegularUniversity of ZurichSwitzerlandEarth Sciences, Geography, Glaciology
World Stress Map ProjectWSM ProjectRegularHelmholtz Centre Potsdam GFZ German Research Centre for GeosciencesGermanyEarth Sciences, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Geology, Natural Resources
Worldwide Protein Data BankwwPDBRegularResearch Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics Protein Data Bank; Protein Data Bank in Europe; Protein Data Bank Japan; Electron Microscopy Data Bank; Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank; Protein Data Bank ChinaUnited StatesLife Sciences, Structural Biology
WorldWideScience AllianceWWSAssociateU.S. Department of Energy Office of Scientific and Technical Information United StatesGlobal Science Portal


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