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The World Data System (WDS) acts under the leadership of the Scientific Committee. The International Program Office (WDS-IPO) coordinates the operations of WDS and is responsible for implementing the decisions of the Scientific Committee. It is also responsible for organizing the meetings of the Scientific Committee, the biennial WDS Conference (SciDataCon), the WDS Members’ Forum, and outreach and promotional activities. The IPO is based in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, United States of America, hosted by the University of Tennessee Oak Ridge Innovation Institute.

The International Technology Office (WDS-ITO) supports repositories as they maintain and upgrade their services, including creation of technical roadmaps and mature infrastructure. It is responsible for research to support technical services for repositories including creating user interfaces, crosswalks, and complex queries. The ITO is based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, hosted by the University of Victoria.

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Scientific Committee

Chair: David Castle

Dr. David Castle is a Professor in the School of Public Administration and the Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria. He is also a Research in Residence at the Office of the Chief Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of Canada. 

Vice Chair: Claudia Medeiros

Institute of Computing, University of Campinas, Brazil

Vice Chair: Hugh Shanahan

Royal Holloway, University of London, United Kingdom

Christine Choirat

Swiss Federal Statistics Office, Switzerland

Mamoru Ishii

National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan

Margaret Levenstein

Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, United States of America

Libby Liggins

Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand

Yasuhiro Murayama

National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan

Marc Nyssen

Free University Brussels, Belgium

Dale Peters

Independent research infrastructure consultant

Ioana Popescu

Department of Integrated Water Systems and Governance, IHE-Delft Institute for Water Education, Delft, The Netherlands

Juanle Wang

Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Past Members 2018-2022

David Castle
Aude Chambodut
Alex de Sherbinin
Sabrina Delgado Arias
Arona Diedhiou
Ingrid Dillo
Elaine M. Faustman

Alice Frémand
Aminata Garba
Isabelle Gärtner-Roer
Heide Hackmann
Sandy Harrison
Toshihiko Iyemori
Yasuhiro Murayama
Claudia Medeiros

Mayra Oyola-Merced
Marc Nyssen
David J. Patterson
Benoît Pirenne
Iona Popescu
Alfredo Tolmasquim
Juanle Wang
Lianchong Zhang

History of WDS

World Data Centers

WDS builds on the 50+ year legacy of the World Data Centers and Federation of Astronomical and Geophysical data analysis Services established by the International Council for Science (ICSU) to manage data generated by the International Geophysical Year (1957–1958). It became clear after the International Polar Year (2007–2008) that these bodies were not able to respond fully to modern data needs, and they were thus disbanded by the ICSU General assembly in 2008 and replaced by the World Data System in 2009.

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