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Applying the CARE Principles for Indigenous Data Governance to Ecology and Biodiversity Research with Dr. Maui Hudson

14 November at 10 PM UTC

Dr. Maui Hudson, an indigenous scholar from New Zealand, will present a webinar for the World Data System titled “Applying the CARE Principles for Indigenous Data Governance to Ecology and Biodiversity Research.”

Dr. Hudson’s research focuses on Māori data sovereignty and indigenous data governance. In this webinar, he will discuss how the CARE principles for indigenous data governance can be applied to ecological and biodiversity data collection, stewardship, and use.

The CARE principles emphasize Collective benefit, Authority to control, Responsibility, and Ethics. Dr. Hudson will provide insights on how these principles can guide researchers and institutions to conduct science with indigenous communities in more ethical, equitable, and socially-just ways.

With ecology and biodiversity research often taking place on indigenous lands, this webinar will explore practical ways research can honor indigenous rights, interests, and values in relation to data. Dr. Hudson will share examples and recommendations applicable across scientific domains.

After the presentation, Dr. Hudson and the WDS-IPO staff will hold a Q&A session.

For more information, view Dr. Hudson’s ORCID for more information on his expertise and research interests.



Man in white shirt, Maui Hudson

14 November, 10PM UTC

14 November, 5PM EST

14 November, 2PM PST

15 November, 11AM NZT


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