ISC Fellowship Nominations


Call for ISC Fellowship Nominations
The ISC invites its members and other partners to nominate eminent scientists and thought-leaders to join the ISC Fellowship.

ISC Fellows are people of high scientific and public standing who will help the ISC in its mission to be the global voice for science.

Please nominate by 7 October 2022

International Science Council

CoreTrustSeal Needs your Feedback


CoreTrustSeal Needs Your Feedback

The CoreTrustSeal Board is seeking input for proposed changes to their requirements to take effect for 2023-2025. CoreTrustSeal is a current requirement for membership with World Data System. We encourage all of our current members and stakeholders to submit their thoughts and input on CoreTrustSeal’s proposed changes to the requirements for certification. Submissions are due by 15 April 2022.

Feedback from our members is essential in ensuring the certification process is equitable and easily accessible for all interested data repositories. 

To submit your input, click here.

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World Data System’s Statement on Ukraine


Statement on Ukraine

World Data System, an affiliated body of the International Science Council (ISC), supports the ISC’s statement on the war in Ukraine. The WDS stands with the ISC in condemning the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, along with CODATA and a growing number of other ISC members.

The WDS includes two members in Ukraine.  The World Data Center for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development (WDS-Ukraine), located at the National Technical University of Ukraine in Kyiv joined WDS in 2011. The Ukrainian Geospatial Data Center located at the Space Research Institute in Kyiv joined WDS in 2012.

The WDS is deeply concerned for the freedom and wellbeing of the many employees, committee members, engineers, scientists, and their friends, families, students, and colleagues impacted by the invasion.

The WDS has six member repositories in Russia:

  • WDC – Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Moscow (since 2011)
  • Data Centre for Geography, Moscow (since 2012)
  • WDC – Meteorology, Obninsk (since 2012)
  • WDC – Oceanography, Obninsk (since 2012)
  • WDC – Solid Earth Physics, Moscow (since 2012)
  • Centre for Astronomical Data of the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2017)

WDS members are expected to strive to build worldwide excellence in data services for science, and to create global communities of excellence in the pursuit of science as a global public good. The WDS continues to follow and advocate for the ISC statutes of the free and responsible practice of science.

World Data System International Program Office


Allow us to Reintroduce Ourselves

After several bids from governmental organizations across the globe, it was the U.S. Department of Energy that was awarded the opportunity to fund the World Data System International Program Office (WDS-IPO). Now the WDS-IPO is being guided by a new team at the UT-Oak Ridge Innovation institute, located at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The new team hopes to relaunch the program, with goals of facilitating new memberships and data stewardship across the world, with a particular focus in the Global South.

“We’re trying to make sure scientific data is housed well so it can be used again and again.”

Meredith P. Goins, Executive Director