The Center for Socio-Political Data (CDSP) is one of France’s major centers for the production and handling of social science data. It is a key player in the documentation, preservation and production of data. It is also a center of expertise on quantitative and qualitative methods, associated with European research infrastructures. A support and research unit (UAR 828) set up in 2005 by Sciences Po and the CNRS, CDSP is sustained by a team of more than 20 developers, engineers and data specialists.

CDSP is developing a range of infrastructures, platforms and services aimed at the academic community and fully engaged with an open science approach. In this capacity, CDSP provides expertise relating to probability panels and online surveys, metadata standards, and the development and implementation of application infrastructures for research. As such, CSDP is an actor for the promotion and the implementation of open science principles in the SSH community in France and Europe.

CDSP’s databank received CTS certification in August 2023, and they have been a WDS regular member since December 2023.

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