2024 WDS-SC Nominations

Special Announcement

WDS-SC Nomination Call – NOW CLOSED

The World Data System (WDS) is announcing an open call for nominations for two esteemed positions within our Scientific Committee. As outlined in our constitution and bylaws, the WDS-Scientific Committee (WDS-SC) serves as our organization’s governing body, comprising leading scientists with a breadth of experience in extensive data resource utilization or executive oversight of data centers/services. Committee members serve a term of three years, with the option for renewal once. Consistent with our unwavering commitment to promoting diversity, enhancing communication, and ensuring global representation, we strongly encourage nominations from organizations that can contribute to these objectives. Aligned with the aims delineated in our WDS Action Plan, we are actively seeking to broaden our member base across various disciplines and geographic regions. Our focus is particularly directed towards addressing representation gaps from the Global South and underrepresented data-intensive disciplines. We warmly invite organizations or researchers from these regions and fields to nominate suitable candidates. Successful nominees will have a unique opportunity to shape the trajectory of global data science. They will work collaboratively alongside fellow committee members to drive forward our collective endeavors – elevating quality standards, fostering best practices, and advocating for equitable global access to scientific data across all domains.

This call embodies a crucial stride in our journey towards enhanced inclusivity within WDS and beyond. We look forward to welcoming new perspectives that will enrich the dynamic fabric of our committee. Please consider this invitation as an opportunity to make a significant impact on the future direction of global scientific data management and practice.


Nominations, including self-nominations, will be open from 7 March to 5 April. Voting on the slate of candidates by WDS members will occur in May. Please contact wds-ipo@utk.edu with any questions.

Nomination Form Requirements, submitted through Qualtrics:

Nominated Candidate Information, including:

        •  full name,
        •  address,
        •  nationality,
        •  year of birth,
        •  languages spoken,
        •  phone number,
        •  academic background (max. 10 lines),
        •  positions held (max. 10 lines),
        •  description of expertise (max. 10 lines),
        •  suitability argument to serve on the WDS-SC (max. 5 lines),
        •  professional homepage or website,
        • one page CV.

    Nominator Information and Affiliation.


    The World Data System (WDS) is deeply committed to ensuring the nominee selection process is both transparent and rigorous. This process is carried out by a dedicated Nomination Committee, composed of three volunteer members from our Scientific Committee (SC), namely Mamoru Ishii, Mark Nyssen, and Dale Peters, and support from the WDS-IPO office. The primary responsibility of the Nomination Committee is to oversee the recruitment and succession planning for the Scientific Committee. This includes monitoring executive recruitment and proactively seeking potential candidates who could make significant contributions to our organization. Following the Nomination Committee assessment of each candidate, qualified nominees will be put forward for a vote among WDS members. This process allows our entire community to participate in shaping our leadership. After votes are accumulated, elected nominees are then submitted to the International Science Council (ISC) board for final endorsement. This comprehensive procedure ensures that all SC members are not only highly capable but also have received approval from both the WDS membership at large and the ISC board. This nomination and selection process underscores our commitment to maintaining high standards within our governing body while promoting diversity, inclusivity, and global representation within WDS.

    Important Notice

    To ensure that your organization participates fully in this important election process, we kindly urge all REGULAR and NETWORK MEMBERS to update their representative’s contact information if necessary. By doing so, you will ensure that they receive an invitation to participate in the election along with their electronic ballot. Please reach out to wds-ipo@utk.edu for assistance with this process.

    Your active participation is vital in shaping our future!

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