Member Highlight: California Digital Library

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The California Digital Library (CDL) is a member of the World Data System and a leading provider of digital library services to the University of California system. CDL’s mission is to provide transformative digital library services, grounded in campus partnerships and extended through external collaborations, that amplify the impact of the libraries, scholarship, and resources of the University of California.

CDL’s vision is to be a catalyst for deeply collaborative solutions providing a rich, intuitive and seamless environment for publishing, sharing and preserving our scholars’ increasingly diverse outputs, as well as for acquiring and accessing information critical to the University’s scholarly enterprise.
CDL’s values are:

  • Collaboration: CDL believes that collaboration is essential to achieving its mission. It partners with libraries, universities, and other organizations around the world to create a more open and accessible world of knowledge.
  • Innovation: CDL is committed to innovation in the digital library space. It is constantly looking for new ways to use technology to improve the way people access and use information.
  • Sustainability: CDL is committed to ensuring the long-term sustainability of its digital collections. It uses open standards and best practices to ensure that its data can be preserved and accessed for future generations.

CDL is a valuable member of the World Data System community. It is a leader in the field of digital library services and its work is making a real difference in the world.

Here are some of CDL’s accomplishments:

  • Developed the Calisphere digital library: Calisphere is a collection of over 2 million digitized objects from the University of California libraries.
  • Created the Dataverse Network: The Dataverse Network is a federated network of data repositories that provides access to research data from around the world.
  • Launched the Data for Research project: The Data for Research project is a collaboration between CDL and the University of California Office of the President to promote the use of data in research.

CDL is a dynamic and ever-evolving organization. It is committed to providing transformative digital library services that amplify the impact of the libraries, scholarship, and resources of the University of California.