Announcing Daniela Santos Oliveira as Program Manager for the World Data System International Program Office


Daniela Santos Oliveira is the new Program Manager for the World Data System International Program Office. She is wearing blue and white and has dark hair. The World Data System (WDS) is an organization that promotes long-term stewardship of scientific data and data services across all disciplines. The WDS International Program Office (IPO) is responsible for coordinating the operations of WDS and organizing meetings of the Scientific Committee, the biennial WDS Conference (SciDataCon), the WDS Members’ Forum, and outreach and promotional activities. As an affiliated body of the International Science Council, the World Data System promotes universal and equitable access, long-term stewardship, data services, outreach and promotional activities, scientific data across all disciplines, and equity.

Introducing Daniela Santos Oliveira: The New Program Manager for the World Data System International Program Office

OAK RIDGE, TN, USA – 9 August 2023 – The World Data System’s International Program Office (WDS-IPO) proudly announces the appointment of Dr. Daniela Santos Oliveira as the new Program Manager, joining the dynamic team led by Dr. Suzie Allard, Principal Investigator, and Meredith Goins, Executive Director. With a Ph.D. in Speech Science and a successful track record in managing a developmental psychology research lab, Daniela brings a unique blend of research expertise, leadership, and communication skills to propel the WDS-IPO’s mission forward.

Throughout her distinguished career as a lab manager, Daniela demonstrated exceptional proficiency in overseeing scientific operations, efficiently coordinating participant recruitment, experiment design, data collection, and analysis. Her expertise in maintaining smooth workflows, fostering strong team cooperation, and meeting critical project milestones ensures a seamless integration into the WDS-IPO’s various initiatives.

Daniela’s passion for open science aligns perfectly with the WDS’s commitment to promoting unrestricted access to invaluable research data worldwide. Moreover, Daniela’s experience in working with various stakeholders and navigating university and government compliance policies further enhances her ability to collaborate effectively within the global research community.

Dr. Suzie Allard and Meredith Goins, on behalf of the WDS-IPO leadership team, express their confidence in Daniela’s exceptional qualifications, which encompass project management proficiency and a comprehensive understanding of academia. Her appointment signifies the WDS’s dedication to advancing open science and empowering researchers with unfettered access to critical data resources.

“I am thrilled to join the esteemed team at the World Data System’s International Program Office,” says Daniela Santos Oliveira. “Together, we will continue to drive the frontiers of scientific research by fostering a robust data ecosystem and facilitating global collaboration.”

About the World Data System (WDS)

The World Data System (WDS) is an initiative by the International Science Council (ISC) that champions long-term data stewardship and universal access to scientific data across various fields of study. The WDS actively supports scientific research by facilitating reliable data services and preserving datasets of the highest quality, while fostering strong ties with the global research community.

For more information about the World Data System, please visit

Media Contact: Vinnie Bernabeo, Communications Specialist

WDS Member Highlight: Research Council of Zimbabwe (RCZ)

WDS Member Highlight: Research Council of Zimbabwe (RCZ)

The Research Council of Zimbabwe (RCZ) is a member of the World Data System that promotes and coordinates research for sustainable development in Zimbabwe. RCZ advises the government on research issues, facilitates collaboration among research institutes and councils, and links with professional bodies and centers of excellence. RCZ’s vision is to be the pivotal leader in steering demand-driven research for wealth creation and the sustainable development of Zimbabwe by 2030. RCZ’s mission is to contribute to the knowledge economy through promoting and translating research results into goods and services. RCZ’s values are innovation, integrity, professionalism and Unhu/Ubuntu, a term derived from Bantu languages which means that they uphold the principles of human dignity, mutual respect and social justice in their work.

Learn more about the RCZ

WDS Member Highlight: World Data Center for Geophysics, Beijing

WDS Member Highlight: World Data Center for Geophysics, Beijing

WDC for Geophysics, Beijing, supported by the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IGGCAS), collects and provides scientific data on geophysics and space environment. It operates two observation systems: Space Environment Exploration System, which monitors various parameters of the earth’s space environment with four stations in China and two in the polar regions; and Seismic Array Observation System, which monitors seismic activity with a network of stations. It also participates in the Solar-Terrestrial Environment Research Network (STERN), which observes the ionosphere, upper atmosphere and the earth’s magnetic field with nine stations of CAS. It hosts more than 110 Gigabytes of parameters data and the mirror sites of the Madrigal Database and DIDBase, which contain more than 9 Terabytes of data. These data are open to the public through its website. WDC for Geophysics, Beijing is a regular member of the World Data System and promotes data sharing and scientific knowledge on geophysics and space environment.

For more info on the World Data Center for Geophysics, Beijing, see their website here.

World Data System Members’ Forum

World Data System Members’ Forum

World Data System Members’ Forum

The World Data System Members’ Forum will take place leading up to International Data Week on Sunday, 22 October both online and in person in Salzburg. The event will be hybrid for inclusivity, but we strongly encourage your physical attendance for networking and engagement. 
Per the WDS constitution, WDS is required to host a biennial members’ meeting.  More explicitly, the WDS bylaws share the program of the forum is to include a Scientific Session, where members report on their activities and engage with other members; and a Plenary Session which provides a formal mechanism for membership consultation where membership issues can be discussed.

The WDS Members’ Forum is an opportunity for the WDS community to report on their specific developments, activities, and progress, as well as to discuss the strategic and organizational objectives of the WDS.

For the Scientific Session, we are requesting that members submit a five-to-seven-minute video or oral presentation that includes the following information:

·       Your organization’s vision or main priorities for the next five years
·       The opportunities and challenges in realizing the vision or priorities
·       How WDS can assist in realizing the goals or dealing with the issues

A call to membership for your organization’s update with more details on submission guidelines will go out soon.

For the Plenary Session, The WDS-IPO invites all WDS members to submit questions, concerns, or complaints to be addressed at the forum by emailing

The registration for the WDS Members’ Forum will open in the coming months. More details on the program and venue will be shared and published on the WDS website. 

You can view our previous Members Forum from International Data Week 2022 here.