World Data System, 2 May 2024 – Word Data System (WDS) announces that our Scientific Committee has approved the endorsement of the Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA), an initiative designed to improve the ways scholarly research is assessed. DORA, published in 2013, understands the pressing need to improve practices in research assessment and recommends the need for using journal-based metrics to obtain funding. The statement also expresses the need to assess research on its own merits rather than the journal in which it is published.

The signature endorsement shows WDS’ continual support for proper research practices along with other signatories and organizations. DORA’s recommendations have central themes focusing on the elimination of journal-based metrics, assessing research on its own merits, and needing to capitalize on the opportunities provided by online publication. They recognize that many institutions, publishers, and researchers are currently encouraging better practices in research assessment. DORA is following the momentum toward more sophisticated and meaningful approaches to research evaluation that can now be built upon and adopted by all the key constituencies involved. Read the full recommendations for practices in research here.

DORA is closing in on 25,000 signatures and endorsements from almost 200 U.S. based organizations. This announcement is one of the many commitments WDS has made to engage with researchers, research organizations, and repositories to further develop quality research and data. Learn more about the full statement and see how you can support the declaration alongside WDS. 



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