WDS Member Highlight: Norwegian Marine Data Centre (NMD)

9 May 2023 | Uncategorized

The Norwegian Marine Data Centre (NMD) is a national data center dedicated to the professional processing and long-term storage of marine environmental and fisheries data and production of data products. It was established at the Institute of Marine Research in Norway and maintains the largest collection of marine data in the country. NMD serves as an operational service and competence center for handling marine data and data products and provides and visualizes data for Norwegian marine research and their international partners. NMD also participates in national and international standards, guidelines, networks, and research projects related to marine data.


NMD is also part of a larger research infrastructure called NMDC, which involves 16 Norwegian institutions that aim to provide seamless access to marine data covering waters of Norwegian interest. NMDC acts as the coordination unit for marine data in Norwegian waters and simplifies the technical obstacles for data sharing across institutions and disciplines. NMDC also harmonizes its activities and developments with the principles of “Norway Digital” and the EU INSPIRE directive for geographical data.

More info on the NMD: https://www.hi.no/en/hi/forskning/research-groups-1/the-norwegian-marine-data-centre-nmd




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